zondag 29 november 2009

Fuck the Swiss!

This article i'm writing in English. So I can sent it to my friends in Switserland.
Please notice that this article is ment ironical as a reaction of their decision to ban minarets from their country .

To the people of the Netherlands.
There is a recent new danger in our country. Swiss people are attacking our national culture. For years now slowly they are taking over.
I call for a ban on swiss watches and clocks. Because they are a symbol of swiss dominance and power. The swiss are a very dangerous people whiht a retarded culture.
Take for instance the swiss blade knife. Statistics show that more people have been wounded by them then by the atomic bomb. The swiss want to make you think they are ment to made wooden clocks and to cut swiss cheese. But it is a cold hard FACT that these knives has been used to stab people with. The swiss have also tried for years to help corruption, dictatorship, repression by their banking system. The greatest assholes in the world were allowed to use this country to plunder the wealth of the people all over the world.
The swiss are also the only army defending the Vatican. As you all know responsible for genocide, murder, unjust wars, exploitation of the people all around the globe, sexual abuse, invasions and so on. Its clear that the swiss want to change our Dutch way of life an has been trying this for ages. If we as a sovereign nation allow them to pollute our country with symbols of swiss cultural dominance, then we wil be yodeling in ten years and blowing waldhorns in twenty years. Both are sonic offences to every living creature, we do'nt want our children to yodel and our women to blow waldhorns. My guess is even that within a century they will raise mountains in our country, the ultimate offence to our beautiful culture.
Please sent this to everyone you know, we have to stop the swiss before its to late.

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